EDUCATION IN INDIA vs FOREIGN EDUCATION -The education system in India is greatly different than the education systems abroad. The education system in India is greatly different than the education systems abroad. Every education system has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Indian education system has been developed on the pillars that support thorough theoretical knowledge and prepare the students for some of the toughest competitive exams in the world. However, on the other side, Education outside India is focused on discovering new knowledge, and exploring different forms of learning.

Indian education focuses more on theory rather than practical. Indian education system doesn\’t allow creativity. Whereas in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning. And they allow creativity in education. Let’s understand the comparison between Indian education and foreign education in a given below list :

Approach towards Education: The curriculum in Indian educational institutions focus more on theoretical education on the other side the more emphasis is on practical approach in approach and hence encourages the fresh research. Option to switch: Students in India cannot switch major subjects in the middle of courses whereas in foreign students are allowed to switch even the major subjects and according to their interest and don’t limit them just to one subject.

Exposure: India still has not been able to internationalize education in order to attract students from various countries where as foreign universities have a mixed group pf students coming from various countries. Hence the students have more exposure in foreign than India.

Course Options: In India, the students have limited courses to choose from and on the other hand international universities provide multiple courses and specialisations to students. Research Initiatives: India despite getting continuous help from the government, there are still limited research funds. Research in foreign universities is being funded by some of the biggest organizations hence the Research Initiatives offered are better.

Job Opportunities: The job opportunities in India are limited to top level universities whereas international universities provide excellent job opportunities to the students. Scholarships: India provides limited scholarships on the other hand foreign universities provide numerous Scholarships to international students.

They also focus on work study programmes. Performance Assessment: In India the performance is assessed by the exams and marks whereas the projects, research, non-classroom participation, and sports performance carries a lot of weightages for assessments.

Funds: Studying in India is much affordable than foreign. Studying in foreign is always expensive as the cost of living, food, travel, etc get added to overall expenditure. Return of investment: ROI is conditional in India as it depends upon the college you are going to join. ROI in foreign universities is go

od. The cost of study might be costly there but study abroad gives a kick start to one’s career. To brief up the Indian Education Vs Foreign Education, a foreign education leads to internationally recognized qualifications and employment opportunities in the entire globe.

It offers a host of educational possibilities with curated learning needs for every student. In other words, a foreign education system offers a personalized, independent approach towards studies and students develop educational and intellectual skills and knowledge base for themselves in the subjects that they have chosen and love. It broadens the view and develops the necessary skills required for global opportunities.

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