Impact of Real Story based movies

#Impact of Real Story based Movies:

Impact of Real Story based Movies

Impact of Real Story based Movies– It is frequently talked, reel and real life inspiring each other; however, there is a major contrast. In reel, the viewer, hero and villain are well defined, hence understanding becomes simple. Real life is at the most like a suspense movie, where hero and villain are unknown but there is no viewer. Not all the movies are based on friction and imagination, some of the movies show the real-life incidents that\’s has happened in the past. It\’s a fair presumption that most movies based on real life events are easier for people to relate to than movies based on fictional movies. The clearest differentiation between the two is their relationship with the truth; \”a fiction film presents a story that did not depend on the real world, or if nothing else not in the structure it is addressed; a narrative, notwithstanding, informs something regarding the truth of our reality.
There\’s something powerful about watching a movie based on a true story. Reality can be more amazing, fortunate, rousing, or maddening than anything you can concoct in your mind and movies based on true stories prove it. Some stories get even better once you know they’re true. Take the family classics like for example #Kashmir Files, Toilet ek prem katha, URI, Neerja, No one killed Jessica and many more are true stories based on real life.
The truth displayed in film \”The Kashmir Files\” is simply shocking. The account of the film is nearest to reality not at all like some other film in the past as it shows the genuine conditions and predicament of the Kashmiri Pandits. The film takes the crowd when great many Kashmiri Hindus were butchered, ladies were severely assaulted and youngsters were shot ridiculously. The struggle of the families never ended as even today those families manage their survival like refugees.

We as a whole settle on the reality how it gives bits of knowledge about everything throughout everyday life and impacts the young. In this way, there is a serious need to comprehend the glorification in the film and how it is not the same as reality. There are so many examples in movies we have seen like the hospital scenes where the hero just wakes up from his unconscious state throws all the drips and plucks all the needles is very unrealistic. In reality, you don’t have the energy once you wake up from your unconscious state and moreover even if you do so you can hardly stand on your feet. In reel life, police come and raid hotel rooms and all the couples with no dresses come out of the hotel rooms are beaten and taken away to the police station. In real life, that doesn’t happen that way. There is no such rule that unmarried couples cannot stay in a hotel room. In reality, you are not decked up every time as it’s shown in the Bollywood movies. In Bollywood movies, all the characters are decked up even if they are waking up from the bed. In movies its eye-pleasing to see how the heroine wakes up in the morning but in real life, you look gawky, with a swollen face and eyes.
So, the movies based on true stories leave an impact with the real time incidents on audience while fictional stories are just meant to be for fun. They portray themselves to be perfect but that isn’t true.
We see the perfect couples ending with a perfect relationship, actresses with flawless skin, actors with the perfect built-up body, ideal women with an ideal figure and flat stomach, children with no tensions and burdens, adults living the best of their life. This is what we dream of but cannot be true in everyone’s life.
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