Old Movies Vs New Movies

#Old Movies Vs New Movies

Old Movies Vs New Movies –There is a tremendous distinction in the old movies and new movies with regards to each viewpoint. In Days of yore films have significant stories, pleasant tunes and extraordinary specialists worked for them. But now-a-days, although talented technicians are there, movies are lacking in consistent stories, music. In old films, the vast majority of them are story based with a perfect message and pleasant tunes. There was not quite a bit of savagery and show of sexual characteristics of ladies in the old motion pictures which the current day films are full off. The entertainment has become quite cheap in its nature. Dialogues and music of the old movies are worth of appreciation with its sensibility and meaning. There are hardly any vulgarity and offensive content in old movies as compared to the new ones. These movies convey a meaningful message to the society. But new movies do not have a good plot which can make us think a lot. Nowadays abusive words are used in the dialogues and also in songs. Only for this reason we cannot watch a new movie sitting with our family. Main motives of the directors are to earn more money by hook and crook.

Nonetheless, modern movies cannot be compared with the older movies. What makes a modern movie great? Investing in the latest piece of technology, a cast of talented and experienced actors and a bigger budget can transform an ordinary movie into a great movie. Not to forget to include the special effects. When it comes to movie reviews, everyone has his or her opinion. Some people struggle to watch modern movies while others can’t finish watching an old movie without dozing off. However, old movies have valuable lessons that you can’t easily find in modern ones. And these lessons can be used in our modern world.

Some reasons as why old movies are better than the modern ones:(Old Movies Vs New Movies)

Acting Style: acting in modern movies cannot be compared to old movies. They acted more naturally because there were no special effects. Acting in older movies was supernatural because of the social and cultural norms of the time. Times change and so do social and cultural norms. This does not mean that there are no great actors in the modern movie industry. However, the acting style that was embraced in the past pushed actors to exceed their mental and emotional limitations.

No Rush: Modern movies are rushed from the beginning to the end. If you’ve ever watched a modern movie with an elderly, you probably repeated some scenes more than twice or explained what was happening for him or her to understand. Older movies focused on the conversation and the character.

Different topics: There are major differences between old movies and modern movies especially when it comes to the topics or main themes. Old movies present a theme or topic that inspires and motivates viewers to take action. It could be pouring out your heart to the person you secretly love or having the courage to follow your dreams.

There could be no modern movies without old movies  Most of the respected producers of our times were mentored by old movie producers. Old films prepared for the development and outcome of the film business.


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