SCRIPT LEARNING TECHNIQUES- Some people seem to naturally gifted, others not so much. the difficulty we have as actors with script learning techniques and large chunks of script, especially if it is to be performed directly to camera, in one long monologue, in one long take. Script analysis gives you a foundation to build on for character development. However, all actors struggle with memorizing lines and it isn’t something one should feel ashamed about.
Tips to Memorize Lines:
Write your lines out:
Writing out your lines by hand can help your mind absorb them. Take a pencil and paper and write them all out. This is especially good to do when you have long scenes or a speech. Focus on writing only your lines−don’t get distracted by the other lines. Repeat it a few times.
Break down the script:
Don’t attempt to memorize the entire script all at once! Break it up in smaller pieces and repeat until those lines are written into your brain. Going section-by-section makes the memorizing less scary and more doable.
Take breaks:
While memorizing is important, it is equally as important to rest in-between. After a while of reading lines and going over them, your brain will get tired and need to be recharged. Go for a run, take a quick nap, eat something or even do a relaxing activity; whatever puts you at ease and gives your brain a break.
Read it out Loud:
Read your words where possible! To anyone who will listen!
Explore the material:
An actor should explore the material. actors to not simply memorize, but to think of the words as part of their story.
Study your lines before you rest.
Timetable yourself an hour prior to you rest to go over your lines. Nonetheless, don\’t wear your mind out.
Learning a whole bunch of lines can be challenging, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to do so. And don’t worry if you don’t memorize everything in one session. Your mind is working. Trust yourself. The process always works. It just works a little differently for every person.

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