USEFUL EXERCISE TIPS FOR AN ACTOR- As an actor implies having a great deal of personal time when you\’re off set, not in front of an audience, and not in an acting class. In case you\’re now perusing acting books, ensuring you\’re working on your possibilities in the acting industry, and doing all the other things to advance, you can likewise attempt a few activities and games to additionally foster your acting abilities.
Its very important for an actor to play, improvise and let themselves go. There are many games and exercises to let yourself have fun, get yourself into the state mind of a child and develop your acting skills.
Stroking an animal:

This activity is frequently used in drama classes for beginners or aspiring actors. This activity ought to be done in a group, and give everyone a sheet of paper with the list of animals like cat, elephant, dog and so on.
Each of the participants chooses an animal of their choice and imagines holding and stroking it. The assignment of different members is to figure which creature it is.


Take more than one speaker may be 3 or 4 and imitate them. Take the best from all and create your own unique style. Don’t be a copycat.


Games are a very powerful way to improve your body language skills and it is essential for actors to cleverly use their bodies on stage. The games aimed to teach you to use your body as a way of describing different objects, people or phrases to other people, so they can guess what it is.

Non-stop Monologue:

To develop the skills of improvisation, one must try this task in which you will have to present a monologue on some topic which you are familiar with for 2 to 3 minutes without any stops or pause. Then move on the next topic you hardly know anything about.

Develop your Imagination:

Developing imagination is one of the most important components of actor’s success. You need to imagine and look at the people passing by and need to make assumptions about them: profession, hobbies, marital status and anything else.

Developing Attention:

This exercise can also be done both individually and in a group. In this task, actors need to sit in a circle and need to remember what the other person is wearing, the hairstyle, accessories etc. On asking, need to tell and cross check the answers.

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