What Makes a Movie Great?

#What Makes a Movie Great?

What Makes a Movie Great? – Is it that it has an extraordinary story? Incredible characters? Is it that the cinematography is delightful? Is it that every actor is giving an incredible execution? Is it that the soundtrack is first class? Indeed, the response is yes. Indeed to all of this. Furthermore, I know, that doesn\’t actually help assuming you\’re really attempting to figure out what components make a film perfect, in light of the fact that obviously something will be perfect on the off chance that every little thing about it is perfect.
A movie can be great because of the below mentioned elements:


Story: When it comes to making a film, you need a good story. It’s the backbone of any movie and if it’s not interesting no one will want to watch it. That’s why the screen writers are so important; they have to come up with an idea that will captivate an audience.

Script: There is no doubt that a great script is a key to making a great film. But what makes a good script? What are the elements that make up a successful screenplay? Its need to be well constructed and well written, with all the necessary ingredients to keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. Some of the most important elements of a good script include strong dialogues, interesting characters and an engaging plot.

Character: In order for a film to be successful, it must have good characters and actors. The audience needs to be able to connect with the character on some level in order to feel engaged in the story.

Apart from character, the acting plays most important role to make the film must watch. If the acting is poor, it can pull the viewer out of the film and ruin the experience in spite of having the amazing story line. Conversely, if the characters are well written and believable, it can make up for other shortcomings in the film.

Another aspect of a great movie is its sound and most people would agree that a good movie should have a good sound design. But what does that mean? What5 is the role of sound in the movie? In essence of making a movie, it’s the process of creating and integrating all the sounds that are heard in a movie including dialogue, music and ambient noise. It’s a complex and time consuming task when we consider each and every minute detail in the movie. Undoubtedly sound is one of the major aspect and reason for a movie to be great.

Visuals effects are best when they work in combination with everything else. When done correctly, they should be seamless and either not be noticed at all, usually when changing the background of a scene or a fantastic look something like real.

A good film is one that entertains, educates and inspires us. It should b well made and thought provoking with a strong plot and believable characters,

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