Why would you like to be an actor?

#Why would U like to be an Actor ?

Why would U like to be an Actor ?

Acting is a tough but extremely gratifying and fun career choice, most importantly. Many people want to become actors or actress and join the Film Industry elite, but not everyone can go on this path. Acting means different for all and every person thinks about it in some way or another. It\’s so easy to say I want to be an actor but it\’s the same? Most people say it because of endless chances of growing and every time there\’s a different role. You\’re somebody else for a moment and you feel what you feel. It\’s a lovely but hard feeling to live and understand their story in other shoes as well. An actor begins to get a better understanding of the world and the pleasant moments in life.
Some people say that it gives name , fame & recognition in the society which they ever thought of. Enjoy the show in front of an audience and always receive applause. People do not see acting as an important profession and often believe that most actors want to be renowned, rich and do so for themselves.
Acting is more than just entertainment, name or money. That\’s more than it. The watching of films, TV shows and even video games allows people to break away from the burden of their lives. It makes them wonder about their minds and gives them some release.
At MSAFA, we understand why you want to be an actor and try to find out the real reason.
MSAFA is India\’s leading acting academy, motivating everyone who wants to be an actor.

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